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Hey, Gaeel, just dl the game to play on linux and don't remember how to launch it. Got to install love I suppose... maybe you should add a README file. It's a bit old shool but well ... Hope to see you soon.


Hey, Gaeel, you were pretty rough on yourself in that last update email. You really shouldn't sweat it, stuff happens. Hope you're okay, and thanks for the fix!

hey guy, hope you could answer soon, love that game, bought it for 3 € but i wanted to install it on another computer to play with pals in vacation, but the games scren is upside down no way to play like that, is that an anti-crack security? i bought the game, so i should be able to play it. Thank for answering asap.

Yeah, that's a bug from a fail in my Macintosh code (on my part)

Just press the F key to put it the right way up.

A permanent fix is coming soon!